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 I BERGATIN safety and security domains cover a complete range of environments, services and technologies to provide our wide variety of clients with the best solutions for their needs.

We carry out end-to-end turnkey projects and continue to serve our clients past the point of completion and on to a stage of complete self-sufficiency.
End-to-end services for mitigation and management solutions to help clients prevent and cope with security and safety incidents arising from human error or hostile intention and natural disasters to ensure the maintenance of stable, resilient, protected and safe facilities and infrastructures. Executing risk assessments according to the client’s business and operational environments and providing optimal solution and wise investment in vital security and safety tools and procedures.

We provide flexible, scalable solutions that ensure the optimal level of security and safety by merging multi-layered platforms, such as: surveillance systems, smart perimeter, intelligence platforms, control systems, access management, biometric recognition, smart gates and doors, etc. We assist our clients in maintaining a high level of vigilance in order to foresee and prevent threats so as to ensure uninterrupted and ongoing operation and create safer and more secure internal and external environments. 
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 I BERGATIN provides the following critical asset security and safety services:
  • Preliminary survey mapping the threats, needs and security structure in order to plan, design and advise the best solution for organizations
  • Planning and designing the best solution, customized to meet client needs
  • Exciting upgrades to systems and infrastructure
  • Turnkey projects, tailor-made based on client requirements and budget
  • Project supervision and hand-in-hand advisory services
  • Security forces training, knowledge-transfer and OJT
  • In depth documentation and technical information upon customer need and request.



I BERGATIN’s cyberspace portfolio offers a complete suite of cyber defense solutions comprised of Cyber Security and Intelligence Training, Technology and Services to ensure the safety of critical assets and operations as well as the personal security of citizenry. Empowering clients by providing high-quality, secure products and services that ensure the safety and security of doing business and maintaining operations.



I BERGATIN’s intelligence solutions allow governments and organizations to detect and respond quickly to evolving threats and attacks before they penetrate, adopting a pro-active security approach. Providing advanced technologies and utilizing progressive training techniques, we are able to give our clients the competitive edge to stay one step ahead of their nemesis. Operating in various environment and integrating various technologies to gather a complete picture of the client’s threat environment.



I BERGATIN  offers clients the full range of IT infrastructure design and installation services from high-level architecture to complete installation and maintenance. We ensure that our platforms achieve optimal performance through the integration of top-notch computing and tele-communication technologies with effective and safe network design ensuring business reliability, maintainability, continuity and security. 
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